4 Undeniable Reasons Why Educational Institutions Should Use ERP Software

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Being a part of the education industry, I need not tell you how much the meaning of education has changed over the years. It is no longer about providing education for sake of a system or law. It is about having more accountability toward building the future of the country by shaping these young minds. Equity and accessibility have become an integral part of the goal. Governments around the world have already started prepping to meet these new goals in a couple of years. 

Even though, the goals have changed the challenges have remained the same. In fact, after covid-19, they have elevated. The resources are meager and in some poor countries, educating children is not even on the list of priorities for people. They are battling to keep their families fed and are asking children to take up odd jobs. As an education organization, you too must have seen a dipping admissions rate, late arrival of government aid, and most of all students having lowered engagement in the classroom. How are you are prepping to battle them? 

One of the solutions is — Education ERP. 

What is Education ERP Software? 

Education ERP software is advanced software that helps in automating the operations in an institute and serves as a database for multiple applications put in use for the digital governance of an institute. 

4 undeniable reasons you must invest in Education ERP software

  • Reduces cost 

A report by OECD suggests that global funding for the education industry can go down by 11%. This means you must be prepared to reduce the cost of operations and spend only on the things that are absolutely necessary. 

But do you even know where you are spending currently? I know your answer. Manual processing is not only costly, but it is highly opaque. There is no transparency in the transactions and hence you may not be able to fully consolidate where you are spending currently. 

To fight that, use an ERP solution. It is an enterprise-level resource management tool that provides you with financial management and automates most tasks to reduce operational costs. 

  • Paperless operations 

This is the most cliched reason to invest in technologies but, imagine the amount of money you save by going paperless. Paper-bound operations are slow and they are very difficult to manage. They lower the productivity of the staff and you lose out on good opportunities to stay profitable in the current economic climate. Hence, switching to paperless operations is best, and ERP does it all for you. 

  • Reports and Analytics. 

Compliance agencies and regulatory bodies are prepping for changing their norms of accreditation. They need to see more accountability in administrative and academic staff toward quality education. They are demanding reports on various aspects of a student lifecycle and to stay on top of it you need — first, a database that centralizes information in one place, and second a tool that consolidates data to provide you accurate reports. 

You no longer cannot depend on the academic and non-academic staff for these reports, given you are short on resources and you have to reduce your operation cost so hiring more people is out of the question. Hence, an education ERP is a long-term solution. The data analytics feature helps you generate various reports and stay in line with compliance. 

  • Data security and management

Data security has become a central concern for education institutes. During covid-19 many institutes chose to go with the available option in the market without testing the security of the product. As a result, many students and parents are complaining of data leakage and are concerned about the security of the student in an online learning environment. 

This has led to institutes taking harsh measures and going with tools that offer higher security in the ecosystem. An education ERP solution such as Academia ERP can help you navigate through this challenge easily. We are a highly secure platform that uses various security measures to prevent any breaches.

Wrapping Up 

These were the 4 reasons to invest in education ERP software. If you need to know more about the features and functionalities, please fill out this form to request a free demo. Our technology experts would connect with you shortly. 

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