Role of Student Enrollment Management System in Higher Education Institutions

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Configuration of Enrollment Rules

Use the enrollment management system to configure the entire admission process. This includes defining admission criteria, selection process, admission stages, stage fees, important documents, seat number & seat type, and more. 

Once configured, the system would behave as per your set rules and would ensure the process is followed. Also, many steps in the process would be automated and would require minimal to no manual intervention. 

Enquiry Management

Set up an online enquiry form on your website, centrally manage each enquiry on the enrollment software, assign enquiries to users, schedule follow-ups, convert enquiries to applications, close enquires, reopen enquiries, generate reports on enquiries, follow-ups, enrollment, admissions, etc., and do much more with one single tool. 

Online Application

Use the software to set up custom application forms for various programs, courses, and batches. As per your pre-defined criteria, applications can automatically be rejected and all you get is qualified applications to work with. 

Real-time Application Tracking

Track applications at any stage of the application process and assist your prospects better. The software provides you with a real-time report on the status of every application and helps you take better decisions. The software also comes with in-built features to take actions for any application such as — promoting to the next stage, collecting form fees, collecting stage fees, rejecting applications, releasing offer letters, and more. 

Merit List Generation

The enrollment management software streamlines the process of document verification, promoting applicants to the next admission stage, consolidating data and creating a merit list for various rounds, and finally generating a master list of students that are to be sent an offer letter. 

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Lead Management Integration

An enrollment management system is efficient in tracking enrollment enquiries from multiple sources. You can also use the software to run and manage campaigns over various channels, track ad spends, and calculate impact by generating reports on enquiries, enrollments, admissions, and follow-ups. 

Also, robust application and enquiry management software helps in the seamless management of the lead and guides an applicant throughout the lead pipeline for easy conversion and improved enrollment rate. 

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