Will Online Learning replace the Traditional Classroom

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Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

For thousands of years, education has been considered synonymous with traditional classrooms, but with the increasing technology and methods, institutions must opt for modernization and advancement that can lead to the overall growth of institutions, faculty, and most of all students. Various technologies are opting which institutions can create a modern and advanced experience in the classrooms. 

The concept of traditional education has changed over the years and is still on the path of advancement.  Let’s discuss some of the points that can identify whether traditional learning is good or online learning. 


Looking upon the learning prospects, online learning is considered the best in today’s time, because it provides and creates a learning environment for learners wherever they want. It allows students to learn in their comfort zone, students can read, study, and learn at their speed having an aim in their mind, But the most important thing with online learning is it requires more concentration and self-motivation to learn. 

Looking upon classroom learning, it involves more time and learners should need to attend the class on regular basis with full concentration as there is no chance of replaying the teacher’s voice, or going back in past and attending the class, this sarcastic truth is the online disadvantage of classroom learning that can be easily ignored using the online learning methods. 

Teaching style

With classroom learning, teaching is often dependent on the teaching style of teachers. Let’s say, if the teacher is saying to repeat and learn something, the students have to follow that method to obey the teacher, this chokes the real grasping and learning capacities of students. Every teacher owns their different style of teaching and students remain with no choice instead follow the instructions given by their respective teachers. 

With the rise of technology, classrooms are being interactive with having multiple options with teachers and students, it provides teachers and students with various options to teach, learn, and grow together. Various technological tools like whiteboards, smart classes, projectors, and applications like Zoom, Skype, and a lot of others have helped educators with lots of learning materials in various formats like audio, images, videos, and texts that gave new hope to the new era of learning. 


With online learning, personalization is considered as one of the biggest advantages, it allows every student to create their pattern to learn and grow, students can personalize their content according to their needs and requirements. Along with students it also gives teachers the priority to learn and teach students accordingly. 

With offline learning, personalization of content is becoming difficult as with classroom learning there becomes very few and restricted resources that bind teachers to teach with limited resources ultimately restricting the growth opportunities for modern students. 


In this modern world, online learning is also becoming advanced, having a variety of resources like gamification, problem-solving, role-play, storytelling, case studies, speakers, and a lot of others. Good interaction among students and faculty leads to greater scopes of success and growth from both ends. 

In classroom learning, it becomes quite difficult to be in continuous interaction with teachers and students, with this, students only get a chance to interact with faculty in the classroom for a limited time in which it becomes difficult for faculty to solve queries of each student in the right way. 


As discussed earlier, classroom settings allow students to learn on-the-spot communication with the teacher, but it does not always provide an exact analysis of students’ progress. Online technological tools like an ERP system provides real and exact data analysis making everything smoother and easier for educational institutions, it provides online access to all the operations from fee, admission, attendance, and examination, everything becomes easier and convenient. It manages everything along with analyzing each factor from faculty, student, and institutional prospect. 

So what’s the conclusion!

So what do you think? Which type of learning method is good for your institution’s growth? Which type of learning is in practice in your institution? Let’s discuss it in more detail, contact us now

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