5 Reasons Why Your School Needs An ERP Software

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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is usually defined as software that aids in managing processes in an organization. Used extensively by business houses, schools, and colleges across the world have also been actively implementing it for their everyday management over the last few years. 

School ERP essentially assists in planning and managing the processes and functions of a school.  This includes a range of things from admissions and onboarding to assessments and student tracking. 

Considering the efficiency and resource management that ERP brings to an educational institute, the software is a significant revolution in management. Imagine eliminating the tedious tasks of managing student records and data manually, writing frequent mails for information sharing, and investing considerable time and resources in consolidating numbers. 

ERP makes all of this possible through automation!

Here are some of the key benefits of School ERP

Why Your School Needs An ERP Software-Academia SMS

  • Enhanced and Easy communication

School management software helps teachers connect with their students even remotely and beyond the class and school timings. It is particularly convenient for educators to assign tasks to students through the software. 

What’s more, even parents can access them and stay aware of their child’s studies and progress. This also helps save considerable time even while ensuring that the communication is smooth and direct. Keeping the parents constantly in the loop and allowing them access to their child’s day-to-day tasks is also a great step toward building their trust in the institute.

  • Better Administration

A school management process largely involves continuous administrative work that is mostly done manually. For instance maintenance of daily attendance, fee collections, event details, student assessments, and so on. 

A school ERP software manages all of this and more, resulting in an efficient administration. Precise information can be now collated on a single platform, which helps authorities access it much easier, thus aiding in faster and better administration.

  • Efficiency owing to Customization

Every institution functions differently and demands an exclusive set of working processes. A crucial aspect of school ERP is that it can be customized to suit the needs of every school out there. This allows an institute to switch to digital transformation even while assuring that the processes are efficient and convenient to the school’s daily functioning. For example, fees management which is one of the important modules within an ERP can be customized to define categories of students and their subsequent fee structure within a school.


  • Time and Resource Management

Going digital is a definite way to bring in productivity at various levels in the school – time and resource management being the primary ones. While a chunk of work is managed through ERP, the employees can now plan their schedule better and focus on additional areas of activity. 

In a school where imparting education is the primary focus, being able to save time on all the other peripheral activities and focus on the curriculum, can become a huge achievement for the school’s academic performance.

  • 360-degree automation

Digital innovation is shaping our future and education is an inevitable part of it. An ERP in education, while bringing in 360-degree automation, gives you an edge over the competition owing to its efficiency and innovativeness. And all of this while ensuring that your data is completely secure and protected. It streamlines practically the entire student cycle right from pre-admission enquiry to their graduation by monitoring different activities and linking them together for a piece of consolidated information.

Want to know more? Check out the popular school ERP software, Academia SMS with a free demo from an expert. Book now.


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