How Educational Institutions Save Time and Money with Automation

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An age that swears by ambition and competition, the 21st century has also offered us varied tools to ensure that the fight is fierce! The digital revolution (also known as the 3rd Industrial Revolution ) is helping us make the best use of time & money in creating a better as well as a faster world. In the last 4 to 5 years, it has significantly penetrated the education industry too. Various EdTech solutions such as the Student Information System, Learning Management System, etc are playing an important role in efficiently managing the campus administration.

The main reason for this software becoming a favorite of the education industry is that they help in effective resource management to subsequently ensure student success.

Education ERP: An intelligent way of managing your institute

Here are the 5 ways automation can help in saving time and money:

Prompt Decision Making

If you are heading an institution or a particular department, decision-making is certainly a part of your daily calendar. It takes a huge amount of time to go through stacks of files that have data and references for you to arrive at a conclusion.

What if you can access all these details at the touch of a button without having to go through the pile for papers? Wouldn’t it’ll save you precious time?

How Educational Institutions Can Save Time and Money with ERPEducation ERP gives you the power to access all the details whenever you want. Student records (class-wise, course wise, year wise), employee records, ongoing courses and much more. It provides neat reports that help you in the quick analysis, which ultimately results in faster decision making.

Reduced stationery costs

According to an article on Edutopia, around $25,000/year is spent on paper alone by a school with a capacity of 100 teachers in the US. Not to forget other costs including printing and stationery.  

The education industry relies heavily on paper and stationery. While it can’t end it completely, it can definitely be minimized. With Education ERP such as Academia SIS, institutes can save up to 22% in printing and mailing costs. Being a cloud-based system, you can share documents with students, parents, and teachers on their portal or email address to save paper costs. Hard copies are redundant as all the data is securely saved on the cloud. This is an effective way to save a lot more than you can imagine.

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Reduction in academic reporting time

Education ERP has an integrated excel sheet tool, with this you can upload and download all the data, anytime you want. It saves your time in manual inputs to make academic reports. All data entered can be converted into excel sheets as and when needed.

For example, if you are running a campaign for admission, you can track enquiry, create data sheets in real-time and share them with other staff members. Not just this, you can also check the expense reports, target achieved and so on.

Faster turnaround time

When you are able to make decisions faster and save time in mundane administrative tasks the turnaround time of management processes is automatically shorter, helping you do more with less.

Digital transformation with ERP reduces paperwork, streamlines processes and makes work simpler that in turn speeds up the overall management. The information flow becomes smooth, transparent and it keeps everyone from multiple departments in the loop that aids in faster and more efficient task performance. Moreover, it also minimizes errors and removes data duplicity to get rid of rework in the process.

Automation resulting in High ROI

The primary focus of an educational institution is to offer quality education with world-class management, however, the quality and credibility of an institution do not depend only upon its faculty, but also its capital. 

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For any organization, the return on investment is a crucial factor to run any institution. It depicts the success of the entity. The education industry spends millions of dollars on quality education. 

An efficient solution to control and manage your capital is with the digital transformation of your institute. Using technology for your day to day tasks can seem expensive in the beginning, but in the long run, it helps in achieving high ROI.

Know more about how ERP System can help in ROI

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