5 Strategies to Boost Student Engagement During Summer Using Your SIS System

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Maintaining student engagement during the summer months can be challenging. However, with the help of your student information system (SIS), you can implement various strategies to keep students connected and involved. This article will discuss five ways to increase student interaction during summer using your SIS system. 

  1. Organize Virtual Summer Programs 

Utilize your SIS to plan and manage virtual summer programs, such as workshops, webinars, and online courses. These programs can help students stay engaged with their education while offering opportunities for skill development and enrichment. You can cater to various interests and learning styles by offering a diverse range of virtual programs. 

  1. Encourage Peer Collaboration 

Your SIS system can facilitate peer collaboration by providing tools for students to work together on projects, assignments, or group discussions. Encourage students to participate in online study groups or collaborate on projects during the summer months. This approach can help maintain a sense of community and foster a supportive learning environment. 

  1. Offer Regular Updates and Communication 

Use the communication features of your SIS to keep students informed about upcoming events, important dates, and other relevant information. Regular communication can help students stay connected and engaged with your institution during the summer break. Additionally, consider providing personalized updates and feedback on student progress to maintain motivation and encourage growth. 

  1. Promote Extracurricular Activities 

Your SIS can help you manage and promote extracurricular activities available to students during the summer months. Encourage students to participate in clubs, sports teams, or volunteer opportunities to stay engaged and develop new skills. Providing various extracurricular options can help cater to diverse interests and passions. 

  1. Implement Gamification Techniques 

Using gamification techniques, such as badges, leaderboards, or points, can make learning more enjoyable and engaging for students during the summer months. Use your SIS system to track student progress and reward achievements with these gamification elements. This approach can help maintain student motivation and create a sense of friendly competition. 


Keeping students engaged during the summer is crucial for maintaining their academic progress and overall well-being. By leveraging the features and capabilities of your student information system, you can implement various strategies to boost student interaction and foster a supportive learning environment. These efforts will help ensure that students remain connected and motivated, even when they are away from the classroom. 

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