6 Reasons to Use Admission Management System in the Next Academic Session

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Make the admission process simple, seamless, and efficient with an automated admission management system

Though the admission season remains for a limited period it takes a toll on academic staff and creates a lot of challenges. It becomes more difficult when institutions do all the administrative work manually. It takes a significant amount of time and effort from admission form sales to student registration. Considering the current situation when the COVID-19 pandemic caused a screeching halt in the entire world. now achieving the admission targets will become even tougher. Without the implementation of an online admission management system, institutes will have no other option than to wait for reopening.

With the help of the admission management system, all these problems cease to null and the admission process becomes super simple, and effective and reduces the paperwork significantly.

  • Social Distancing & Safety

The impact of the corona is going to stay for a while. We all have to find a way to live with it by keeping each other and ourselves safe and sound. Social distancing is one of the best ways to render the spread of viruses. But we can’t stop working. Can we? That’s why educational institutions should have methods to maintain institutional continuity.

Academia Student Information System offers a holistic admission management system that allows institutions to kick in online admission so that students don’t have to come to institutions or talk to someone. They can simply go to the website and apply for admission and keep the track of their application via the applicant portal. The admin responsible for managing the student admission process can work on the software anytime anywhere.

  • Productive hours bank

With the smart usage of technology, it becomes quite easy to manage all of the work in an effective time frame. Today, we live in an era where time is the essence of everything. With the admission management system, the staff gets to save a significant amount of time that can be utilized in other productive hours.

Academia ERP offers inquiry management, campaign management, and other record management features. You can easily manage every step of the process and keep track of it. It also offers Y-O-Y tracking by which you can compare your target from previous years and analyze what works for you. It helps you to generate online reports without any fuss and that reduces time investment in manual tasks and gains productive hours that can be used in other fruitful work.

  • Paper-less Solution

Nobody likes to go through piles of paperwork. Not only is it time-consuming but it is mundane and tedious. In the fast-paced work environment, there is no place for sloth movement. Nowadays everyone is going digital to ensure less paperwork and more productive work.

Academia ensures the 360-digital transformation of educational institutions. From e-receipt of fees, invoices, and administrative reports, complete automation of day-to-day activities. The records of fees are easily shareable with students and parents. Scholarship and sponsorship candidates can check the details on their portal and the fee is easily transferable online.

  • Seamless admission tracking 

Manual admission requires endless phone calls by parents and students for all kinds of questions looking for updates and information for admission processes, updates on the application status, registration date, updates, and more. It creates hassles for students, parents, and admissions officers.

However, with the Education ERP system communication with parents and students becomes super convenient. With Academia Applicant Portal, they can check the application status, fee requisite, offer letter, and all the updates. Once the application is accepted, the application portal turns into a student portal and students/parents can check all the information, of course, attendance, fee, scholarship, etc.

Check out how Academia helps in enhancing communication in INIFD College, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

  • Superior parents experience 

Nowadays, both parents are working professionals. They have a scarcity of time and resources. They don’t want to come to the institute, stand in the long queue, fill out the form and wait for updates. They expect today’s educational institutions to be advanced and agile.

Using admission management can help schools and higher education to fulfill their expectations. Administrators can send automated SMS/email via the software. With the use of Apps and Parent Portal, they can do all the processes from the comfort of their workplace or home. The Education ERP makes sure that admission can be done anytime from anywhere, without any complexity.

  • Multiple academy control

Many institutions have multiple academies at various locations. And it becomes difficult to align the admission process, reports, and records in all the academies. It also creates a non-uniform experience for students and parents and thereby decreases the brand value or experience of the institution.

With an online admission process, you can control all the academies from one platform irrespective of their location. You can easily link them together, and access the information whenever you want. It also helps to understand the performance of each institution, compare them with each other, and analyze where improvements are required. It brings a smoother workflow across all the locations and helps in institutional development.

In the end

To sum up, the admissions management system is a necessity not a luxury anymore. Schools and Higher Education Institutions have to empower their admission process with automation and bring seamless and efficacious administrative processes.

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