How Education ERP is Changing Dynamics of the Education Management

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The education sector is in the advent of complete digital transformation. From online education management to MOOC (Massive open online course), e-learning, flip classroom; it is going to have a paradigm technology shift in the coming future.

Among all the education technologies, Education ERP is one that is playing a significant role in institution management. According to a study, Education ERP is going to grow 3X by 2028 with the increase of CAGR (Compound annual growth) 10.9%.

In today’s rapidly evolving electronics market, educational institutions are using education ERP solutions for managing, planning, controlling and delivering data effectively.

In this article, we’ll see how Education ERP is changing education management.

1. Digitization of complete administrative processes

An education management system integrates all the academic processes in one place and makes it easier to manage the day to day tasks. It helps to automate the entire administrative processes from admission to course completion.

It is an online student management system that makes workflow seamless, easy and efficient. It centralizes all the departments and allows staff members to communicate better and helps them to exchange information in a hassle-free manner.

2. High data storage with disaster recovery

This is one of the most prominent benefits of a web-based education management system. It is obvious that educational institutions generate a huge amount of documentation. To store and manage these documents manually is a tedious task that is also prone to physical damage.

With cloud-based campus ERP, institutes can easily store endless documents on the web with no worry about data storage capacity. Moreover, with the disaster recovery solution, you can back up the data on a remote offsite server, keep it safe from any kind of damage and recover it without any data loss.

3. Student management beyond campus boundary

What if student management is not limited to school/college timing?

An education management system is a solution that increases the connectivity between teachers and students. Students can check assignments via their portals, submit documents whenever needed, access their details, check their results, submit their fees online and do much more. Teachers with Teacher Portal, can check, remark, upload assignments work, download them for evaluation, track students’ academic records, etc.

Not only this, with the parent portal, parents can also keep track of their child’s academic activities, such as attendance details, results, remark from teachers, their achievements, etc.

4. Student-centric education management

The main objective of an educational institution is student development, giving them proper time for their complete improvement. However, due to the increasing number of academic processes, teachers and staff members have lots in their plates, therefore, it becomes difficult for them to focus on students.

Thanks to the education management system like Academia ERP, it takes the load off of trivial academic operations from teachers and allows them to invest their time in students and develop their teaching approach.

It helps institutes to build a student-centric ecosystem, which enhances student performances, improves the productivity of academic management, strengthens the credibility and thereby helps the institute to grow.

Education ERP: A tool to accelerate the growth of educational institutions

Institutions are shifting to digital transformation and implementing education ERP for managing, planning, tracking and controlling its regular task from beginning to end is the fundamental step toward that development. It is helping institutes to bring better management, efficiency, and cost-saving. It is enhancing the student experience, employee engagement, and changing the dynamics of education towards exponential growth.

Academia education management system helping more than 200 institutes worldwide to reach their higher potential. What are you waiting for?

Take the step toward a better future for your institute, shift to automation with Academia. Book a FREE demo now!

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