Benefit of Academia Institute Management System: Module Guide – 4

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In continuation of the series detailing out various modules offered by Academia, the fourth part discusses the other four most important ones related to institute management.

With 20+ modules and configurable features, Academia by Serosoft is an award-winning education management software that is helping thousands of educators and students across 12 countries.

In this article, we’ll find out how Academia Institute Management can help you to manage the library, HR, committee, event, front desk, security gate, and inventory.

1. Library Management

The library system in higher education is challenging. Due to multiple courses, student demands and continuous need for advancement, institutes have to maintain a high number of resources. This requires an administrative system filled with resources that include books, magazines, newspapers, published papers, etc.

Academia ERP offers library management to helps staff members maintaining all the resources. With the integration of KOHA, which is a world-famous electronic software to automate all the operations of your library. It’s a full highly scalable, full-featured, economical and easy to use library management system. It supports companies, educational institutes of varying sizes to maintain their libraries.

Know more about the importance of library management.

2. HR Management

Also known as employee management. Like any other organization, education institutions also have multiple departments and numbers of employees associated with it. And it is tiresome to maintain all the records & details manually. Not only does it takes a lot of time, but it is also difficult to find certain details as and when needed.

With the help of the Academia Employee Management Module, it becomes easy to maintain and manage all the records. It also helps to manage time-sheet, leave management, payroll and reports related employees.

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With Academia you can:

  • Manage employee leaves approval
  • Notify employee through SMS, email and internal notification for leave approvals
  • Generate timesheet for in-time and out-time of employees
  • Generate employees leaves statistics reports
  • Integrate with a third-party system for payroll processing

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3. Committee, Event & Front Desk Management

Higher education institutions mostly have multiple committees and events like tech fests, workshops, symposiums, etc. that run around all the years involving teachers and students. At a time it becomes difficult to manage them in a coordinated manner. Notifying everyone, managing event details, participants’ information, etc.

With the committee management module of Academia SIS, it becomes easy to manage all the committee, events and much more. It helps staff member to exchange information in a hassle-free manner.

  • Manage committee within an organization
  • Manage the validity period and status of a committee
  • Notify committee members via email & SMS to send circulars & updates
  • Manage events and meeting calendars for the committee

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Front desk management of Academia offers you to:

  • Manage inward and outward shipments in office
  • Manage sender and receiver information
  • Maintain records of numbers of shipment packets and docket numbers
  • Upload relevant documents including bill receipt and insurance document

4. Security gate & Inventory Management

The security gate module of Academia helps the institute to automate and manage appointments in a smarter way. You can map appointments with the concerned authority, generate unique ID cards for the visitors, maintain records of vehicle number of visitors and much more.

In inventory management, you can manage all the available resources in the institute, maintain records of which one is issued to whom, which resource is booked for what duration. You can also generate required reports if needed. This inventory management can be linked to hostel management and it can help you to manage resources in hostels as well.

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Academia SIS: One solution to automate educational institutions

Academia Student Information System is the complete solution for educational institutions that are ready to automate their administrative processes. It helps them integrate all the departments, makes information flow seamless, make institute management smoother, efficient and effective.

Are you ready to bring digital transformation in your institute and bring a better experience for students and educators? Talk to our expert now through a free demo. Book now!

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