What is School Management System? 5 advantages that you should know.

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School management software is a web-based solution to streamline administrative processes and manage the school database. Schools use this software to record, control and manage student details, employee records, school information, and much more.

With proper management, time efficiency, and error-free processes, school management software minimize all the manual work. Automation of complete school administration is the best way to manage classes, attendance records, homework systems, events, timetables, holidays, etc.

Not only does it help teachers manage student progress, syllabus, and assignments, but also manages teacher details, their administrative involvement,  attendance with biometric integration, and more.  

There are multiple advantages of using a School Management System, here are the 5 major benefits that you should know:

  • Academia School Management System can save your academic cost by 22%. 5 School Management System benefits with a demoEfficient Work Process

Automation of the entire school management system brings all the departments on a single platform. It minimizes the time wasted in information exchange. Any user with the required credentials can access the information whenever needed. The information flow becomes smooth, convenient, and more integrated with the use of this online tool. Leading to an efficient and error-free work environment.

  • Aid in Decision Making with Diverse Reporting

Like any other advanced enterprise solution, this software provides diverse reporting in various categories for all the departments in schools. No need to go one by one through the stack of files. Users can access details for a single student or for multiple students in a group along with day-wise and month-wise reports. Whatever information is needed, is a few filters and clicks away.

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Along with the above-mentioned functions, it also provides reports in a tabular form, bar chart, or pie chart with colors. This helps in the quick analysis of data. With this visual aid, the user is able to take decisions faster.

  • Customization and Configuration on Demand

Every Education ERP firm introduces new features and strategic methods in its software regularly. They also advance their tool according to the need of a school. For example, if a school uses relative marking in place of a regular marking scheme, the software provider can customize accordingly to fulfill the specification of the school. 

The configuration is a feature by which a non-technical person with basic training in software can personalize it according to the terminology used by a school. For instance, some schools might prefer a scorecard in place of mark sheet. Similar changes can be configured easily within the software.

  • Date Safety and Recovery

In most educational institutions the student data and all the other information is manually organized in files. In case of any accident like a fire or a natural disaster or a theft, you are left helpless with no backup. With an ERP solution, data is managed centrally and stored permanently on its server (cloud) which has in-built encryption in its framework for security. 

School Management System minimizes the risk of losing data due to these mishaps and makes data recovery hassle-free.

  • High ROI owing to cost-saving

Digital transformation helps in making schools go paperless and cuts down significantly on printing and mailing costs. This software system offers precision and automation that together reduce operational and administrative costs without cutting corners. 

An advanced Education ERP system can improve communication between all departments (including parent-teacher-student) across the educational institution. Simpler, more competent communication means increased employee productivity, transparency and improved satisfaction.

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Each department has access to a central database, which lowers costs associated with setting up and maintaining multiple data centers. This saves employee time and cuts overall administrative expenses.

These are the key modules that are offered by an advanced school management system

  • School Setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Inquiry Management
  • Admission Management
  • Student Information System
  • Fee Management
  • Class Management
  • Subject Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Examination & Marksheet Management

Academia School Management System can save your academic cost by 22%. 

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