Student Admissions and Enrollment: Looking Beyond COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest hits to many industries in the last 5-6 decades. It resulted negatively for a lot of businesses and industries, but to some good, the education sector has found a way to continue learning & teaching systematically through online platforms. It was a challenge for all higher education institutions, universities, schools, and training institutions.

Now the situation is improving and we are getting ahead of the biggest hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is high time that educational institutions should rethink and adopt ways for student enrollment and recruitment. It is a convenient time for institutions to pick up ways that embrace technology and help in thinking and looking beyond COVID-19. 

Impact of a pandemic on enrollment in institutions 

COVID-19 and US higher education enrollment


Emerging global trends in education that are beyond COVID–19 

  • Adoption and Implementation of the right technology 

In the new age of learning, institutions will need to focus on adopting and implementing technologies that can support student attraction and recruitment functionalities. It will also help institutions to nurture all the operations in the institution. The right technology like an ERP/SIS can automate all the operations right from enquiry, admission, enrollment, and more. It results in deeper elements, smarter insights, and better outcomes.

  • Nourishing communication and coordination 

Communication is the key to any educational institutional success, institutions must adopt techniques that can engage and attract all stakeholders while admission and enrollment. It also helps in creating a seamless contact and relationship. In the current age, it is necessary to create and drive a faster mode of communication that nourishes and nurtures good modes of coordination in the institution. 

Automation can help institutions create a splendid difference and personalized learning and teaching processes. It enables you to create, visualize, and connect through the portal, mobile application, and more from anywhere and anytime. 

  • Optimizing data & use of resources 

Every educational entity involves a huge amount of data, it also becomes crucial to arrange and manage data accordingly. Aside from a proper channel of communication, it is readily important to secure data and information. In admission management, various processes, right from enquiry, admission, and enrollment, to the selection of programs and courses. Institutions should choose the right way to protect, secure, and manage data that should be approachable and accessible right away. 


Here are some common FAQs that were asked by authorities of higher education institutions:

  • How can admissions and enrollment become easier for modern institutions?

The answer to this question is quite easy and understandable for modern institutions. It is also necessary that institutions should choose technology like an ERP/SIS. It automates complete academic & administrative operations not just for admissions and enrollment but also for all the other operations from examination to the alumni of a student. 

  • What can be the best way to recruit students according to their interests?

The admission season is considered one of the most important seasons in any educational institution. It needs to be seamless without any data glitches and malfunctioning. So today’s time, the most convenient way to recruit students is to make processes shorter, automated, and up-to-date. It can be possible through ERP mobile applications, portals, and student-friendly software like a learning management system, and more.  

  • How can a mobile application help different stakeholders in terms of admissions?

Today’s generation relies more on mobile phones. They like the simplest way to do any of the tasks. Educational institutions must make tasks easier and more convenient for new-age students. A robust mobile application can make a systematic flow of the complete admission process that can be accessible to any of the stakeholders present in the educational institution. Staff, faculty members, and higher authorities can update all the information related to application forms, enquiry, enrollment process, etc., in one single place, and to the best, students can find, fill, and update all the data and information using a robust mobile application. 

You can also check the benefits of mobile ERP applications for higher education institutions. 


Hope you liked the article and it helped you in the complete admission and enrollment process even after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Stay tuned for the latest update!

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