Ten Ways to Increase Student Engagement During Admissions

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For the last few years, educational institutions have started opting for technologies that play a supporting role in overall academic and administrative management. Among all other important tasks, admissions, recruitment, and enrollment are the most crucial. Institutions must opt for student engagement activities that boost admissions to the best prospects. 

Reaching the targeted student enrollment rate is not that easy. It involves new-age learning activities that are less time-consuming. According to a survey by InsideHigherEd of colleges and universities, 60% of admissions officials from community colleges and 55% of admissions officials from private bachelors colleges are concerned to complete goals for student admissions. 

Let’s have a look at ten ways to increase student engagement during admissions:

  • Efficient communication and enquiry processes 

Admissions in any education entity involve various tasks, and the first one to it is the enquiry process. It needs to be efficient with an error-free communication process. An effective communication process needs to be engaging, easy, attractive, and collaborative. 

The enquiry process needs to be quick and easy. The modern generation of students needs paced solutions. Text or video feedback are engaging ways of communicating with learners and establishing peer collaboration networks. Institutions need to understand that solutions like an ERP/SIS can automate the enquiry process making communication seamless and error-free. 

  • Involve pre-enrollment activities 

After successful enquiry completion, institutions must give a major focus on pre-enrollment activities. It directly helps in converting inquiries into admissions.  The  advanced generation of students demands pre-enrollment activities like

  • Opt technologies like portal and mobile applications to communicate with students 
  • Avail Self serve application forms 
  • Collaborate more with best-fit applicants
  • Focus on solving all the queries related to students


  • Effective pre-admission processes 

It is also one of the major steps of the whole admission process. Many universities and higher education institutions gear up in the pre-admission process to align the process systematically. But institutions must organize the students’ potential enquiries from different sources and take action instantly to convert the students into prospective students. 

The pre-admission process needs to be designed attractively and engagingly which should help in enhancing student engagement activities. 

  • Use social media to attract students 

Today’s generation is full of mobile phones, websites, and social media. They just demand easier and trending solutions for all their needs. Modern education leaders need to use social media to connect and coordinate with students. Using the power of social media, it will become easier to announce, notify, and welcome new students to the institution. 

  • Keep an up-to-date website 

A website is considered the online address of an entity. Educational institutions must have an up-to-date website with all the necessary features and functionalities. It should remain updated with all the latest information, news, and updates available to the institution. The most necessary element to this is, that in the highly competitive age, institutions need to keep the website SEO friendly and updated according to keyword search rankings. 

  • Utilization of a responsive mobile application 

Today’s advanced generation needs every information, notification, and update on their mobile phone. Institutions must use a responsive mobile application that can avail faculty, parents, and students to check, upload, and any information online. 

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  • Reduce response time using automation 

It is beneficial for education leaders to attain automation in their institutions. Automation can result in reduced response time. It can keep all the academic and administrative tasks aligned and reduce response time for all the operations boosting overall productivity in the institution. 

  • Use of analytics dashboards

Universities, colleges, schools, and training centers involve a huge amount of data and information that needs to be stored, managed, and organized to be accessed anytime. Manual intervention in institutions makes this process a bit complicated and sometimes creates situations of data breaches. 

Automation is the best solution to this. Technologies like ERP/SIS can help education institutions with efficient analytics and dashboard. It can secure all the data and information systematically. It also provides many opportunities for better data gathering and analysis that can help faculty members and students in longer prospects. 

  • Enhance credibility in all operations 

In the new age of learning, there is huge competition among educational institutions. So to make a place in the ecosystem, it is a must that institutions should leverage technology and ways that can enhance credibility in all operations. Various technologies can improve all the operations and enhance productivity in the institution, some of them can be ERP, SIS, and LMS. It depends on educational institutions to choose the best and work accordingly for them.

  • Use multi-center capabilities for managing multiple campuses 

It is often seen that educational institutions find it difficult to manage admission operations on multiple campuses. It involves a multitude of data and information that needs to be shared effectively and efficiently. To manage student engagement and seamless data management, institutions must use the multi-center functionality features included in ERP software. It provides the benefit to manage various institutions using just one single software. 

How does Academia help institutions boost admissions and student retention efficiently?

Academia is the best solution for educational institutions, it can be your sole learning solution with all the major institution management functionalities and features. 

For Boosting Admissions: 

Academia empowers you with the feature of running different campaigns on social media, websites, and other platforms to attract new students. The easy online admission process and program selection also play a vital role here.

For Student Retention:

Academia’s powerful analytics comes to the rescue here. Analytics and reporting are powerful tools for analyzing the student retention rate. Graphs and reports can help education management to bring transparency and make the best decision for increasing the student retention rate.

Still looking to get in-depth information on boosting admissions and student retention. Request a free demo and take a complete tour of our product.

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