Student Information Systems reduce the amount of time spent on mundane tasks. How does that work?

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Many education institutes have adopted new ways of teaching and learning, powered by modern technology. But what about student record management? Here is how the student information system reduces the management of administrative and academic records and can increase the productivity of staff by 70% (Read CECOS Collge, London Case study). 

What is a student information management system? 

A Student Information Management System or Student Information System (SIS) is a software application used for collecting and managing student data. SIS serves as a centralized data repository to support key academic and administrative processes organization-wide by providing access to real-time information to the departments. 

Continuous improvements in technology and the availability of high-end resources have boosted the functional capabilities of SIS. It is now used to automate a number of daily tasks and increases employee productivity by several folds. Since it is an electronically managed and maintained database, access to information is very fast, and economically viable than traditional sources. 

It can be used for any educational organization, be it a school, college, university, or training institute. Institutes can manage student data throughout the student lifecycle using SIS.  

Important Features and Functionalities in a Student Information System (SIS)

  • Automating Admission Process

With the help of this system, the admissions team and admins can automate a variety of operations in the admissions process. Once the data is stored of an applicant in the system, the information can be used for — applicant engagement, tracking the admission process, queries, and communicating messages on a large and individual scale. The system can also be used to send acceptance or rejection letters to the students and communicate any other important information.

  • Programs & Courses Management and Assigning Teachers

Easily create classes, assign teachers, manage courses, do lesson planning, etc., digitally. Student information systems are usually packaged within ERP software for education institutes. This means, not only do you get the features to manage student information but the information stored within SIS can be securely shared across various in-built modules and power digital operations using ERP in full capacity. 

The student information system records the course enrollment information and subject choices. Using this admins can digitally manage teachers, timetables, classes, resources, etc. 

You can also use the software to configure optional subject choices, program paths, course paths, fee structure, examination structure, grading method, and other related elements. 

  • Managing Daily Student Activities

Education ERP solution maps all sorts of academic, financial, and administrative records to the student ID in the student information system. This means a faculty or the administrator can pull student records for attendance, examination, health, fee, discipline, and more anytime as authorized by the super admin. 

This provides a better opportunity to manage the student lifecycle, and make decisions that are best for the student’s success. The student information system software eliminates the manual work of administrative and academic staff. 

Not only, does the software serve as a tool to manage and record the student data of a variety of things, but it also tracks the communication between staff and students, notices released to the student, actions are taken to discipline the student, and more. 

  • Scheduling and managing examination

Examination management and execution becomes very easy. The software provides specific tools and functionalities to manage and execute the examination phase with utmost success. Right from examination notification to form-fills to exam execution and result publication, the software provides all the necessary tools and functionalities to manage the examination phase successfully over a digital platform. 

  • Timetable Management and Lesson Planning

The system makes it easy for an administrator to track and check the available teachers on particular data and most importantly, whether the course syllabus for a subject is completed on time or not.

It helps an administrator adjust their human resource for optimal functioning with fewer resources. It also allows it to check the calendar, manage timetables for multiple classes,  manage national holidays, and schedule tests and exams as per the available information. 

  • Facilitating Communication between Parents, Teachers, and Students

Student Information Management System can facilitate communication between parents, teachers, and students. Since, the system stores all the contact information of all three stakeholders in an online database, it can be used to share important information, notifications, and news to them regarding ongoing and upcoming school activities. Parents can check the student’s progress and performance in real-time and request to connect with teachers to participate and involve in their ward’s education.


From the above list, you can see that student information system software is highly efficient in pivoting the regular and tedious everyday academic activities and automating these processes end-to-end. It can help you free up your resources and utilize them for more important tasks and operations in the institute. It improves efficiency and transparency in the operations and eliminates the common problems faced by teachers, staff, and students to bring more meaning to the operations.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our ERP expert today to learn more about Academia SIS (Student Information System) and reap the above-mentioned benefits. 

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