The Top 5 Priorities for Higher Education in Cybersecurity

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Education organizations are easy targets for hackers, but institutions must opt for techniques that can make them manageable and efficient. With a proactive approach, it is the right time for educational institutions to prioritize security as an important issue and find a solution for it. 

The institutions are easy targets of cybercriminals. Whether internal or external, there are various types of data hacking practices like phishing, data breaches, ransomware, and IoT vulnerabilities present in the system. It creates a lot of risks and reduces students’ rights and wreaks havoc on the lives of students, staff, faculty, parents, and administrators.

  • Data Encryption

Data hackers today can obtain and damage institutional data by intercepting it while actively in transit. Institutions must opt for technologies that can automate all institutional tasks, along with the prevention of stealing real-time data. A good ERP system can provide you with data encryption as using it, institutions can attain automation of all the institutional tasks and update data into a single system that is highly secure and safe.

  • Network and Data Monitoring

An educational entity involves multitudes of data that need to be restored efficiently. It needs to be the top priority of institutions to monitor the data and network. Proper monitoring and tracking with the right tool can help prevent security breaches and plays a vital part in the cybersecurity of the business. 

  • Comply with Cyber Protocols

With the security improvements in institutions, most of the institutions are strict with all the stakeholders, particularly for adherence to data security. Meanwhile, institutions must adopt advanced technical support that can monitor stakeholders’ actions, and bring transparency. You can aim at creating a centralized channel to manage and protect any kind of information initially. It is also crucial that institutions should bring transparency to the rules in all departments, sections, and locations.

  • Backup Your Data

There are chances that any data in an institution related to admission, enquiry, or maybe examination needs to be accessed and used multiple times by different groups of individuals. In this case, institutions must generate the backup of the data regularly. It can also prevent data in ransomware-style attacks and help in securing data and continuing the functioning of the institute. 

  • Protect Your Devices From Physical Attacks

Whether an institution has security software that has zero tolerance for cyber crimes, it is equally essential to secure data from physical damage. For this, institutions need to secure automating all the institutional tasks that can reduce the chances of physical theft, malware attacks, and more. 

Why only Academia ERP for Securing Your Institution?

Cybercrime is becoming very common nowadays, and the world is finding ways to fight it.  As a leading ERP / SIS solution provider, Academia fights cybercrime with modern security solutions to enhance and improve the overall functioning of the institution.

Academia features data encryption, and GDPR compliance and focuses on regular security updates. Ensure security with multi-factor authentication, log reporting, and many more. One of its main functions is to deliver a next-level security environment to all the stakeholders in an institution.

Did you know that security compliance is a crucial aspect to get a higher NAAC accreditation? Contact our technology experts to get full details on how you can achieve the grade “A” in your next evaluation through Academia. Don’t forget to request a free product demo.

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