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ERP in Education

With the penetration of information technology in everyday lives of people, we have started relying on computers for several jobs – we never thought could be performed without human assistance. This has helped in reducing clutter around our workplaces and has shifted focus to the core problems while taking care of the underlying issues. ERPs are the ultimate management tools for sectors that need to perform a diverse set of activities efficiently and cost-effectively.

The education sector that used to be symbolized by kids learning from a ‘guru’ under the banyan tree, today, has grown into an industry that requires extensive interdepartmental collaboration even for minor tasks. This in turn has resulted in a need for better management and allocation of resources. People have started identifying a need for change in favor of what used to be the original agenda of an educational institution; this is where an ERP comes into play. Essential activities including finances, employees’ management, and extensive paperwork have all been automated by first movers in the education industry towards the implementation of an ERP system.

The advantages of an ERP system implementation in the education sector start from its cost effectiveness, to maintain an efficient system. In concrete terms it lets you save an immense amount of man hours which in turn save you a lot of money. Organization and security of data comes implied in the use of an ERP service. The institutions can forget about the hassles of maintaining piles of paperwork and have everything ready at the click of a button.

An ERP implementation increases the response time manifold. Whether it be an activity involving a single department or a cross functional procedure, it eliminates human effort and reduces the lead time. Finally and most importantly, it leaves you energy and time to focus on the aspect that requires the most attention – Education.

The world has already taken a step towards accepting technology in areas as fundamental as education.

It is time you did too!

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