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Automation in Education

Technology seems to be in everything today. It is playing a dominant role in all simple and complex processes in almost every industry. From shopping to reading everything is becoming technology driven. Also, technology is rolling with every hour towards advancement, bringing in more ease in automation. There are innumerable shopping apps, sites, accounts on internet like Amazon, Myntra, Shopdasy etc. which are performing tremendously in the market. There are entertainment apps, online grocery stores, reading sites etc. which are highly user friendly and accessible at any time through gadgets which renders great ease. This upgradation has benefited all- customers, sellers and intermediaries. Technology has opened a new door of opportunities for everyone. None of the industry is lagging behind in being technologically enabled and therefore we can see enormous advancements in the education industry as well. Universities, autonomous institutions, schools, training institutions; all have had magnificent outcomes due to automation.

Technological equipment like smart classes, video lecture tools, automated teaching boards, online assignments, biometric attendance and much more are all a result of technology which is benefiting students, teachers, other staff and higher management.

The best innovation a few decades ago, which is still reaping great outcomes is an ERP system. An education ERP system can create wonders. It aims to achieve automation in maximum tasks. It is mostly used by all big education institutes around the world. An ERP is a detailed and systematic work-process flow of activities which happens in any institution like recording of data, time table management, examination, other general tasks.

One of the important feature of these types of software is handling promotional campaigns. Usually, Colleges / Institutions promote themselves during admission season: sometimes during other times too and all those promotions can be overviewed by an ERP software. Other features like enquiries, registrations, admission forms, interviews, courses, no. of students in each batch etc. can be easily managed by a good ERP system. Also, examination related records, mark sheets, documents, degrees, fee payments, time table management etc. are too manageable with configurable software. Staff database, their salaries and leave records, all can be managed by a single and integrated software. Many ERPs allow an easy access to detailed analytical reports which makes the decision-making processes less time consuming and simple.

Placement module in an education ERP system is yet another good feature which when explored smartly by the education institutes can create wonders. Academia ERP is one of the reputed software that allows recording important information by the institute for process to take place smoothly. The job vacancies, company profiles which are offering jobs etc. can be visible automatically on the students’ end and it may help ease the process of applying for the job, checking the schedule of the interview etc. And on the companies’ end, they can have a look on student profiles in detail that includes his/her scores, assessment details, teachers’ comments, internship and experience of job in past, if any.

Automation has helped in an extra-ordinary way and has brought about a revolution in education processes. Every education institute must choose or upgrade to a best fit education ERP system for themselves so that they can focus on delivering quality education and students can develop and succeed in an exceptional way in this competitive era. Academia ERP can be one strong consideration while hopping to find the right mix of technology for your institute.

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