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Benefits of Mobile ERP Applications

Mobile ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning Structure build from the ground up for the mobile users. The main way of using the system is through a mobile device such as a Smartphone or a Tablet instead of desktop computer. Just as an ERP, the Mobile ERP is a group of integrated applications—that a company can use to store and manage data at every stage of the business.

Below are some of the features which cite the usefulness of mobile version of ERP.

  • Instantaneous access to work center productivity.
  • Improved workflow and expedited approval process
  • Enhanced attention towards customer, prospect needs and investigations
  • Informed decision making
  • Larger operational productivity
  • Value-added communication and coordination
  • Anytime access to enterprise and business intelligence

One of the advantages of a Mobile ERP system is that it enhances mobility in a company and there by increases efficiency and decreases other costs such as transportation.

According to a study, corporations will request for more mobile solutions in the next three years as final users seek to carry out ERP procedures on the move through their Smartphone or Tablets. In today’s dynamic and fast paced environment, mobile business scenarios are especially common in the areas of field sales and servicing. Mobile scenarios are also expected to become extremely popular in field of educational industry as well.

Many big universities and colleges can actually take a whole look at their institution by just a login from anywhere and almost everywhere with just one single click. What sets mobile ERP apart from standard ERP systems is its ability to use ERP on mobile devices through mobile applications. With the growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and other similar business practices, employees can use their personal or company-issued Smartphone and Tablets to access their company’s ERP system any time, any place where mobile connection is available.

The educational industry was once highly dependent on stand-alone systems tethered to a computer within the confines of a physical location. Through the use of mobile ERP in the colleges and universities, faculties can work nearly anywhere and with the most current data available instead of having to wait hours or days for status updates.

Below are the few pointers which easily help to understand the real scenario in the university and colleges.

  •  It is use for automating admissions in the colleges. Eradicate manual processes and hence helpful in saving significant staff time by enabling prospective students to apply online through a self-service portal.
  •  Mobile ERP can also help in providing one-stop student access. Allow students to enroll, register, and pay for courses through the portal.
  •  It is beneficial for simplifying records management systems. With a single system for all your data needs—and a single digital record for each student—any department on campus can find the student information they need.
  •  Helping and engaging faculty in the daily activity like timetable preparation. Giving faculty the means to enter and update grades which have personalized access to timely, accurate, and institution-wide information with a single click.
  •  Moreover, mobile ERP can help in managing resources efficiently. Manage personnel, funds and processes more transparently.
  •  Lastly a static device which can help in strengthening decision-making, reporting requirements, and engaging your organization.

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