5 Education Trends That Will Impact The Education Sector In 2020

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In the education sector, technology is not anymore a future, it is already here. The education landscape is transforming into a tech-savvy panorama. Students are not limited to teacher, teachers are not limited to institute campus. Like blockchain tech, education is also decentralizing, learning is being more democratic and diversified.

2020 will be one more year advancing in Edtech lane, it has the potential to bring some great innovation in the tech world. Not just technology is evolving rapidly but new technologies are also paving the way for advancement in the education industry. Every year we enter the year with version 1 of technology and exit the year with version 10.

Let’s see which technology trends will impact the education industry in 2020.

Blended Learning is the new focus

Blended-Learning or B-Learning is the perfect combination of e-learning and traditional learning. The growing usage of the internet and its availability is increasing the use of online learning, but, to make the best use of it, educational institutes and educators are mixing it with the traditional approach. In this students gets the best of both worlds. With teachers’ guidance and abundance of online sources, they are unstoppable.

Learn more about blended learning from here.

MOOC is the student’s favorite source of learning

MOOC or Massive Open Online Course is the new trend among students. Getting lessons while sitting home, listening to lecture while commuting, what more you need if you crave knowledge. Not only just for regular students, but working professionals are also getting huge benefits from MOOCs. There is no need to join a college or to fulfill the required number of attendance percentage to sit in the exam, just enroll in courses and get the degree/ certification of your favorite program.

Udacity, Khan Academy, Coursera, NPTEL and many more have grown exponentially in the last five years. According to MarketWatch, the MOOC market is expected to grow over 39.3% CAGR value during the forecast period (2019 – 2026). It won’t be surprising to see MOOC rising to the new horizon by the end of 2020.

Cloud-based Education Management System is more desirable than ever

Alongside the development of learning experience, the management system of educational institutes is also changing. The cloud-based education management system is becoming a great investment for institutes. It is capable to manage the complete student life cycle, enable 360-degree automation, and brings a high return on investment (ROI).

Institutes are getting great benefits from the student management system. They are able to manage the day to day tasks, improve enrollment rate, manage students better, and boost productivity.

Gamification through AR/ VR bringing new experiences for students

Do you know Instagram offers a small percentage of augmented reality?

AR is the technology that adds extra effect in your real world. It is a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are expanded by computer-generated real-world sensory. The smartphones we use, Android or iOS are updating to AR every day. Many apps like Pokemon Go, Instagram, Snapchat already using some form of AR.

Unlike AR, VR gives you the experience of the virtual world where you can learn about things in your term.

It is evident that students have more inclination towards video games, colorful designs and added features while learning. The education sector is also leveraging the benefit of it. With the gamification of learning through AR/VR, it is encouraging students to involve more and transforming their experience completely.

Not to forget the AI in education

Learning has moved beyond just feeding information to students irrespective of their comprehension ability. It is becoming more personalized and student-focused. This is the role that AI has to offer in the education world.

Teachers are getting the help of AI to understand every student separately, instead of just delivering lectures they are now more of a coach or mentor and playing a facilitating role and enabling students to exploit their full potential.

According to a study done by Online Education for Higher Ed, the use of AI in US classrooms will grow by 47.5 percent in the next three years.

As ironical as it seems but technology is making teaching more human-like and student-focused by assisting teachers and taking over the time-consuming, tedious day to day tasks like attendance, grading, administrative processes, etc.

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