5 Tips for Cloud Implementation in Higher Education Institutes

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Shifting to a digital solution from on-premise software or from manual management; can seem a difficult switch at first for any educational institution. Education leaders and IT staff look for the solution that can minimize their workload and not make it complex with difficult to learn technology.

Whatever your reasons are to transform your institute digitally, it is always good to have some tips, information, and details that can guide you to make a well-informed decision.

In this article, you will know about the various aspects an ed-leader should consider before choosing a cloud-based management solution.

Configurability & scalability: Before choosing a cloud solution, it is important to check if it is configurable according to the needs of your institute and is it scalable to manage the increasing number of students in the future.

Cost-benefit analysis: Cost vs benefit analysis is no doubt an important factor before shifting to any new technology. The main objective is to do more with fewer resources and ensure cost-saving.

A good budget analysis is checking if investing in the software profitable in the long run, where and how you will be able to manage cost-saving and by what percentage it can benefit you.

Academia cloud-based solutions increase cost saving by upto 22%.

Communication: Better communication leads to better management.

There are cloud solutions that smoothen communication among stakeholders via multiple ways i.e. SMS/Email notification, messengers, mobile app, etc for better decisions and faster results.

Look for these features and check how it can help your institute on micro and macro levels.

Multi-user Accessibility: Single-user information access can make workflow complicated. If the respective user has access to relevant information, he/she can share it accordingly and it’ll also help him/her to stay updated.

This technology offers a feature by which you can give access to everyone with the privilege to see only limited and relevant information.

Proper Training for staff: Implementing technology without introducing it to your staff will only make it difficult to use and will serve no purpose whatsoever.

Staff and teachers might find it difficult to adjust to the change in IT. It becomes important to educate the staff about the opportunity with training and skill development for a move to the cloud.

Understand the needs of your institute

It is possible that you might end up buying a solution that is not serving a purpose as you skipped checking its feature details. Therefore it is important that you understand the exact need of your institute, and your reason for undergoing a digital transformation in management.

Bottom line

The cloud solution is the future of higher education. Institutes have already started using it for admissions, fees, student record management, course, examinations, etc. But following your peer blindly is not the solution. If you are shifting to a smart solution for your institute, you need to make a smart analysis before investing in it. Do use the above-mentioned 5 tips in your search for cloud-tech.

Academia ERP is a cloud-based solution to manage the complete student life cycle that ensures cost-saving, increases efficiency and enables 360° transformation in higher education. Know more with a free demo now.

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