A Template To Shortlist The Best School Management Software Company

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Are you the key decision-maker for school ERP implementation in your organization? If yes, here are some factors that can help you find the one in the haystack of thousands of education ERP software providers in the world. Let’s begin.

Factors to consider when choosing the right school management software company for your school 

  • Start by analyzing your needs

You cannot choose the best when you do not know what you want. Identify the needs of your school, talk to your staff, evaluate the problems and analyze the solution that you are looking for. 

Draft an outline of the solution you need to meet your objectives. Depending on the nature of the project, the requirements, and the reputation choose an offshore or onshore school management ERP software provider. 

  • Check the company’s expertise

You would find many companies with good products, but they may not be the right fit for you. You need to prioritize your needs over their vivid technical exuberance. If you need a product that is simple yet effective, that is what you get. Rather than a product with tens of features, nothing meets your needs. 

Talk to the vendors about how their product aims at solving your pain areas. The one that provides you with the right answer demonstrates the product’s functionality to meet your needs, and is genuine about the results that the product would drive is the one that you shortlist. 

  • Reputation

It is very important to understand you are not just buying a school administration and management system but are partnering with the company. Reputation is a very important factor. 

Look for people that are highly professional, and polite and provide you with flexibility. Check their customer testimonials and reviews on reliable sites such as Gartner Digital Markets & G2. Learn what opinion their customers have about their products as well as their services. Some bad reviews are okay, but a company with exceedingly bad reputation in the market is not the right fit for you. 

  • Budget

Cost is always an important factor when deciding between vendors. Determine if the cost of the product falls within your budget. Unless you are confident and the vendor guarantees you ROIs, you don’t want to buy a product that is eating up a large chunk of your school’s budget and resources. Having said that, do not compromise on quality at all. 

Many companies may provide you with an upfront cost of the product but have underlying additional fees and charges. Talk to the vendors about document management, data management, cloud cost, configurations, customer support, data migration costs, setup/training/maintenance costs, etc. 

  • After-sales support 

Unfortunately, there is no product in the world that is going to guarantee you 100% uptime. There would be instances when the product would show some problem running, and that is okay. What you need is a team that is available 24*7 to provide you instant support during these times. A good support, maintenance, and cloud-based solution that can be remotely updated, and upgraded are what you are looking for. 

Wrapping Up 

These were some factors that can help you decide between hundreds of school management ERP software. If you are looking for a vendor, you can consider Academia ERP which is a leading solution provider for eminent schools in 22 countries. Request the Academia school management system demo here

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