Academia ERP – Training Management System Streamlining The Learning Processes

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Training Management Software stands on the core area of an ICT or digital learning revolution that is sweeping the world off its feet. The responsibility of systems like TMS is to make the training process of Student learning more systematic & streamlined and also provide the benefits necessary for success in the ever-emerging Knowledge Management Process.

But Training management represents a change from traditional training programs?

Apparently, the software is a doorway for a better access to learning sessions &giving students a digital platform to interact with faculties and within themselves for group learning. It allows faculties to assess progress and manage excellence-related information. But the paradigm shifts to system based learning also represents a shift in how people are trained. The introduction of features like web base tracking and e-administration through ERP are pushing the boundaries of how Students and faculties interact, creating high value through prompt communications, dialogues and incorporating students into a decision-making mode about the deadlines or Faculty feedbacks in a way inconceivable before the Internet.

Academia TMS is very helpful in creating a better system of training delivery that manages course content with regular faculty feedback and performance evaluation tools which transforms the learning experience into a flexible system of learning. While conventional training programs are fixed and requires lot of time & effort to revise; new training management software adapts to learning needs as it is used.

With the advent of new technology and knowledge methods, any training Institute can use a Training Management System to create a comprehensive student training program that is not only more effective, but delivers content with more uniformity and prospect for exchange of ideas, while reducing overall program expenditure.

Apart from course and content management, TMS, also enables institutes to have best inbound and outbound CRM which collects important data of all leads such as personal information, contact information and course preference enquired. It can also sort out the leads on the basis of Marketing sources used for generation of enquiries such as telephonic enquiry, enquiries through e-mail & web portal, walk-in enquiries, enquiries through News Paper advertisements, etc. You can assign enquiries to various Admission councilors to ensure effective follow up and that every enquiry gets tracked by sharing the workload evenly across the counseling team.

CRM allows to monitor the flow of enquiry by various enquiry generating sources. You may analyze these reports by admission counselors, by the type of marketing campaign source, by enquiry date and many more options. According to Courses, e-brochures can be Integrated in the system and it can be sent to the students directly through email at the time of enquiry. A special feature of quick fee plans and fee masters is provided for the counselors to review and send available discount offers and deals for students.

TMS also offers hassle free suite for audit and accounting of income and expenditure. Revenues for training businesses is the fee collection. Institutes usually provide either an option of monthly installments or a Lump sum fee payment mode to students & if need be student may break the installment into partial Payments. Tracking this is a hectic task. With Academia Training Software installed this process is eased as the fee module allows you to make transaction entry of part payments and outstandingly displays the balance amount. You can correctly update records for payment mode such as Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Cards via payment gate way. For Bank payments the system will hold back the status till the cheque is credited in the Bank account. In case the Pay-cheque is dishonored, you can update the status of the cheque by doing reversal entries of the payment status. As an Admin can analyze the total fee paid and outstanding dues at a glance right at the dashboard. There is a facility of report generation by selecting a particular time period at the click of a button. You can filter the data by branches if you are a multiple location training center, or filter by Course, batch and many more options.

Student enrollment process involves a lot of intermingled processes such as Admission form fill-up, deciding fee plans considering various variables involved & commitments made by councilors, offering installment payment choices, adding various fees received for course modules and working on discounts allowed.

The Academia ERP Student admission module is developed considering all such situations in mind. There are options to create Fee plans for installment options with variable pricing or a lump sum payment choice. The student enrollment process includes SMS & Email options, Letters, update to student and/or parents/guardians. An option is available to cancel sending messages if you want for any specific reason. You can keep an admission form template ready in case you wish to dynamically generate printable admission form for offline records.

Academia Training Management System is one the best Training management ERP solution which is specifically designed for training institutes and coaching centers. This can also be used as coaching administration software as it is developed considering all possible requirements of training & coaching industry e.g. efficient CRM, highly configurable operations, scalable system as demand is variable throughout the year and an effective customer support system to handle different needs of trainees, trainers and staff.

Academia Training Management is a truly comprehensive suite, which helps an institute manage all its process with the utmost efficiency and gives them complete control over the administrative processes of the institute. The training management system manages all processes starting right from attracting students, handling enquiries, to a complete student cycle along with automating the administrative processes. This furthers an institutes brand equity as it becomes truly cutting edge, transparent and all the related functions concentrate all their energy in the betterment and development of student’s skills rather than extra administrative tasks which improves their overall delivered quality.

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