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Student Management Software, with its unique characteristics, is hugely popular in the educational sector and has helped innumerable schools and higher educational institutes. From proficiently maintaining and updating student data to analysing and creating reports, the software has helped change the way educational institutes operate. However, it is extremely important to get the right SIS to meet the requirements of an institute.

The end goal of every educational institution is to enhance the performance of the students. This is done using competent analytic tools to analyse the performance of each student. According to the results obtained, effective and corrective measures are taken to help them perform better and reach their potential. 

Student Information System (SIS) helps institutions manage every single detail about students in a holistic, organized, and cost-effective way. It eliminates the need for faculty members or other staff to spend a lot of time compiling student data and allows them to focus on the students and their performance enhancement.

An SIS helps to manage efficiently the huge amount of data an institute generates. It maintains a student’s life cycle and helps teachers to track assignments, tasks, performance, attendance and leaves, academic planning, activities, timetable, and exams. This student database management software enables data to be accessed from anywhere by students, teachers, and other stakeholders and helps them make informed decisions.

In the present dynamic educational scenario, the requirements of education campuses are changing. A proficient and productive student management system software will leverage the best of technology and allow faculties and staff to track all kinds of student-related data.

Let us look at some of the features and capabilities to look out for while choosing the RIGHT Student Management Software:

  1. Maintenance of Student Records

With the right SIS, the huge amount of information generated for every student is efficiently updated on the student data management software, ready to be used as and when required. Updated report cards can be issued effortlessly, student’s transcripts managed, and any kind of information obtained on the go. The ideal SIS should help to effortlessly track a student’s progress with the help of various analytic tools and dashboards, along with various types of filters. 

  1. Cloud-Based ERP

It is crucial to have a cloud-based education ERP that is customisable and flexible that will be suitable for all kinds of institutions with varying requisites. Cloud-based software does not require the institute to appoint any engineering staff to oversee it, making it almost maintenance-free and cost-effective. In a cloud-based ERP, the limited/no hardware required on campus is maintained by the software vendor.

  1. Online Admissions & Registration

An efficient SIS enables students to apply and register online for admissions. The students get timely notifications and emails informing them about admission processes taking place online. The data can be customised by the administration allowing themselves to be transparent in their allotment process while keeping confidential data secure. Students also have the facility to keep track of their applications.

  1. Online Fee Payment

The right SIS provides a secure fee payment platform for educational institutes. An ideal student management system will enable fees to be paid online by parents and students through any mode of payment ensuring hassle-free and error-free fee payment without any of the staff getting burdened. Automated receipt notifications are sent keeping the transaction transparent and secure or reminder SMS alerts are sent for pending payments. 

  1. Seamless Communication

A good SIS makes communication effective, transparent, and quick. It ensures communication between administration, faculty, students, and parents are fast and reliable, allowing any member to reach out to anyone at any time with just a few clicks while keeping the information exchanged private and safe.

  1. Analytics tools and Dashboard

A good set of analytical tools help the management to make decisions quickly. Organized data is an asset when it is required to be processed in different ways according to different requirements. An SIS helps in presenting the data in a simpler, easier, and coherent form and the various filters help to sort further sort the data according to the users’ specific needs.

  1. Mobile App

A well-built SIS enables access through a mobile phone which tremendously helps to take care of all communication needs. With packed schedules, it becomes convenient for teachers, the administration, and students to do away with offline mails and notices and communicate quickly and easily.

  1. Organised with Reduced Paperwork

SIS software is designed exclusively for academic institutions and helps educational campuses to streamline and manage all tasks involved in student administration. It saves time and reduces paperwork considerably by digitising processes.

Academia SIS is trusted by some of the leading educational institutes in India and abroad. Academia solutions have a track record of being reliable and compliant. With decades of experience and expertise in working with various institutes, Academia understands that every institute works differently, and hence the requirements are also different. 

Academia offers customised Student Management Software which is developed to meet the specific needs of an institute keeping in mind the administration, teachers, and students.

Call us for a detailed demo on Academia SIS.

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