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Ghana Technology University College is one of the leading institutes in West Africa. Its roots are from Ghana Telecom’s flagship Training Centre which was used as Royal Air Force (RAF) Training School to train telecommunications technicians during the Second World War in Africa. But soon it got privatized and became the main source of teaching and certification in Telecommunications Engineering.

The college’s main focus has always been on delivering quality education and building an advanced perspective in the world. The basic ideology is to transform students with an overall enhancement program which includes various types of assessments like Academics, Leadership, Research programs, Creative activities, etc.

Well, there was no easy way to do it all together until GTUC opted for ACADEMIA ERP which gave a forehand to handle various disciplines along with the efficient management of the administrative part. It has a set of core values on which it frames its working procedures. Which are Excellence, Student-Centered, Academic Freedom, Innovation are Integrity. GTUC moves around all these values and Academia ERP has helped effectively to retain it.

Academia provided a customized college ERP solution for Ghana Technology University College and help streamline various processes:

  • Automating admissions and enquiry process which helped save a lot of time & human resource.
  • Creating a better student information system.
  • Higher control over all the aspects – financial, database etc.
  • Effective accessibility over the information at any time and place.
  • Tracking and recoding data directly into the software, hence better retention and clarity.
GTUC recommends Academia ERP:

My name is Dr. Osei K. Darkwa, President of Ghana Technology University College. We have been associated with Serosoft for past five years we have been using their product. This is their test management system Webguru and their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which manages almost all our university operations. We find this product to be very useful and it assists us in admission processes, human resource management, Hostel management. Our HR uses it for leave management online. Property unit uses it, Inventory management is also done by it and other processes as well. As the admission processes are automated, it is much easier for students to access the record, so far, our students are very positive and we hope to strengthen our relationship. We are looking forward for using the new and enhanced version of the software and I recommend it all the institutions who are looking for ERP system for automation.

We extend best regards and wishes for the future.

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