The Benefits of Edtech Partnership – Education Technology (UK Edition)

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Education institutes in the UK continue to adapt to education technologies in defense of the extraordinary challenges that come their way. Apart from some initial hiccups, it is remarkable how the sector has dealt with the return to classrooms to campuses in the tumultuous economic environment. 

As we move towards the end of the year, it is only relevant to inspect some of the themes that have governed the education sector all throughout the year. Along with this, if these themes are here to stay, and get a permanent place in the education landscape of the United Kingdom. 

Learning Management System

The first thing that crosses anybody’s mind while talking about education and technology is the learning management system, a.k.a, LMS. It is only fair to talk about it, especially when the world is making efforts to return to the pre-pandemic order. So, would there be any more online classes? Would there be remote learning? Well, the likely answer is the hybrid approach. Institutes in the UK have shown a keen interest in blending learning and are likely to continue with the same approach. 

Need to invest in the right technology

As the wheels of change churn, education institutes have a growing interest in other modern technologies. What seems clear is the need to invest in Education ERP solutions, cloud infrastructure, mobile applications, data security measures, and other things. 

Strategy and tools to cover up for the losses during Covid 

It is no news, COVID-19 has made the education sector highly vulnerable. Even before COVID-19, there were some big educational gaps. In COVID-19, they have widened. Students and parents are expecting education institutes to fill them as fast as they can. 


Another challenge is to close the skill gap. It is important to ensure the country has a workforce with the right skills to contribute to the changing government’s stated goals post-Brexit. With reduced access to labor from the EU, there is no other option but to create a high-skill, high-wage economy, and thus, it has a huge budget planned for the education sector. 

The schools are lined up to get an extra £4.7 billion by 2024-25, and nearly £2 billion of new funding to help institutes recover from the effects of the pandemic. Higher education institutes too are going to be emerging from the pandemic with more cash than ever before. 

In essence

Schools and higher education institutes are ready to make their investment into education technologies and meet their modern challenges. However, they are still one step short of making that leap. 

With cash reserves planned to make the necessary investments in technology to meet the needs of the time, they also need the right vendor. 

This is where you and we come into play. We bring a globally recognized education ERP solution and are here to offer you a channel partner program to get an early-mover advantage in the market. 

With an intent to deep penetrate the UK market with our award-winning product, we are seeking professionals that have a knack for sales and project management. We are looking to partner with individuals and companies. We have 3 models in our partner program. Each one is targeted toward generating high revenue. 

Given the need of the hour, institutes in the UK can be highly benefitted from our product. If you are willing to partner with us and use this opportunity as your leverage, contact us here

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