NBA Accreditation: Definition, Benefits, and Process

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With the advancement in the education sector, the quality of education and learning is enhancing day by day, and the introduction of a new Accreditation process by the NBA in 2015 is one such change that can bring great impact in terms of quality of education & institutional practices. 

What is NBA Accreditation?

NBA, National Board of Accreditation is an accreditation agency representing India in the Washington Accord (WA). The NBA was established in 1994 and gained autonomy in the year 2010. Furthermore, it became a member of the Washington Accord in the year 2014. The main feature of the NBA is to assess the performance of higher education institutions issuing quality accreditation certificates to a specific program that complies with the quality Standards Criteria of the NBA. 

The NBA accreditation supports various programs on mission and vision statement, Programme outcomes, course outcomes, faculty contributions, students’ performance, teaching-learning process outcomes, infrastructure, and library management. 

Based on various criteria, NBA certification and accreditation support various funds, autonomous college status, deemed university status and having the authority of researching projects. 

Why is NBA Accreditation important?

Let’s say a higher education institution has NBA accreditation and carries the stamp of recognition for its education quality assurance at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. Universities and colleges need to have NBA accreditation for as stringent NBA accreditation criteria with the purpose that they are at par with international best practices. 

Having an NBA accreditation, higher education institutions can have better clarity of data, identification, and student encouragement that can lead to enhancement of the overall institution. 

Benefits of NBA Accreditation

  • Managing quality standards 

There are various ways through which an institution can manage quality standards, with NBA accreditation it becomes quite possible to meet stringent quality standards. Academia modules provide complete management to quality standards providing the necessity of students having to conduct a detailed analysis at college admission and management process. 

It signifies the commitment to excellence, students also get benefit from the process of continuity in the improvement of quality that is a part of the NBA’s approach to promoting excellence in technical education. 

  • Encourages trust in the institution

Institutions having NBA accreditation have a compulsion to meet and maintain high standards. This also increases trust and confidence among the public promoting accountability. This helps potential students and their families to have a certain level of trust in the institution for the amount of accreditation it receives. 

  • Improves students’ performance 

The modern generation of students expects an enhanced and advanced process of learning, teaching, examination, and result generation. Academia supports NBA accredited programs and supports Outcome-Based Education OBE, which can measure students on criteria like knowledge, skills, and attitude. Also, various facilities and curriculum ensure the student gets proper placement after their studies. 

  • Helps in SWOT analysis targeting better outcomes

Having NBA accreditation institutions can do a SWOT analysis, let’s say, evaluation of their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities/threats. Academia with its modules helps in perfect evaluation, it helps the institution understand where it currently stands and how it should move forward. 

  • Promotes fund-raising

Accreditation necessarily helps educational institutions to secure and raise funds in the best ways. With the funding increasingly linked to effective performance and outcomes, accreditation would help institutions to avail performance-linked funding and incentives. 

  • Better mobility going forward

It is always important that educational institutions create transparency and provide mobility to educational institutions, it encourages and makes possible easing out the mobility to students and professionals at all levels. 

Enabling all the features that support accreditation, Academia facilitates higher mobility to students who are pursuing higher education. 

With the rise of the advanced education ecosystem, higher education institutions in India need to adopt the accreditation process to garner the benefits of the NBA program focusing on the betterment and growth of educational institutions. 

Process of NBA Accreditation for Higher Education Institutions 

  • Online Registration

Institutions seeking NBA certification need to have an online registration as the first step. Institutions can submit the required documents with the registration form using the ‘eNBA’ portal. 

  • Details Submission 

Moving to the portal, a permanent user ID along with password credentials is generated after the payment of the nominal registration fee. Utilizing the permanent Id, institutions can submit more details like the name of the head of the institution, information related to key promoters, institution’s bank details, proposing programs along with various approval letters and regulatory authority. 

  • SAR Report Generation

After this, the institution needs to prepare a self-assessment report (SAR). This whole process is done by self-evaluation of internal work processes & activities. This is an important step to have an institute apply corrective measures and improve the way it works.

  • Analysis & Evaluation by Committee Members

After completing all the processes, this phase is considered as an important one, it involves analysis and evaluation by the committee members of all the information covering all the areas in higher education institutions.

The major criteria for NBA certification depend on various factors like education outcomes, faculty performance, and overall facilities being provided to enhance students’ growth, the main goal of NBA accreditation is to maintain quality standards in many aspects and likewise.  

Closing Notes 

With this blog, I hope you got a good understanding of NBA accreditation and its advantages for your institution. 

There are various other things that you must know about, get in touch with us and the best of our team will get back to you to make a factful and interesting discussion. Contact us today! 

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