How to Use Gamification in Higher Education?

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In the last few years, games have been the first choice of any age group. Boys and girls of any age are so addicted to some of the games that they always remain in front of their phones, laptops, and computers. So to make learning interesting and effective, educational institutions can adopt gamification in higher education making learning lessons more attractive and interesting instead of the old and theoretical method of reading, teaching, and learning from the books. Games have a wide appeal that derives joy from games if they are well designed and engaging. 

What do you think about using gamification in higher education? How can it enhance modern learning techniques? Let’s find out it in this blog: 

What is Gamification?

Gamification is an attempt to enhance systems, services, methodology, and activities that can be used in educational institutions and organizations to create similar experiences to those when playing games to motivate and engage students. 

How can Gamification help in Higher Education?
Gamification is a term or strategy that is used to define a process of activities and rewards to promote student engagement. It is somehow a more broadened form of experiential learning. It is a contemporary approach that properly and systematically brings education with other elements and characteristics of ethical gaming culture. 

Benefits of Using Gamification in Higher Education:

  • Motivates students and learners

Various techniques can be used in gamification in higher education. Interesting techniques used in various games with challenges and rewards help in motivating students and learners in the best prospects. 

  • Enhances student engagement 

Games have always been having a different approach for kids and teens and specifically students. Involving studies can enhance students’ engagement differently and positively. 

  • Reduces faculty burden

Gamification provides an easier way to teach and learn, it reduces faculty burden by letting students understand more quickly and properly. 

  • Improves overall learning experience 

Students must get a proper understanding of whatever is being taught to them, and all this, gamification can help a lot expand and improve the overall learning experience in a better way. 

How to use Gamification in Higher Education?

  • Gamification in Grading and Result Declaration 

Grading and Examination evaluation is one of the most important segments in any educational institution. It needs to be perfect in any sense, having manual interventions in the institutions, educational institutions opting for automation and technologies ERP and SIS can manage all the operations like attendance, admission, examination, and grading in a better and simplified manner. Along with automation, gamification can also make the grading process simpler and easier as through opting it, institutions can change the evaluating marks using the experience point system. Using which students can progress towards different levels just like games. All these processes can also start from changing the grading process in assignments and tests. 

  • Promoting Studies using Gamification 

Games have always been the first choice of students, but what if the lessons that have been taught to them include games? Students will find it interesting to learn by having fun alongside. One of the best and simpler ways to gamify the learning process in the classroom is to create and organize a quest of all the lessons that have been taught to them the whole week or month. The quest needs to be launched interestingly and more funnily that can generate the interest of students along with having a learning experience for them. The marks are given for the quest also need to be in the game format like in badges or in points that motivate students in the right direction. This is just one way as there are various techniques through which gamification can become a part of modern classrooms. 

  • Teamwork 

Teamwork in any sense always creates the right move for each individual in the team, whether it is a game from our childhood or an important decision in the parliament each involves the right perception and involvement of a team. Gamification is a classroom that promotes learning, playing, and participating together cultivating a greater learning atmosphere and inculcating the value of working together. To generate more interest in students, faculties can share rewards, points, or even power-ups that can even help in boosting morale and team spirit. 


So what are your thoughts about Gamification? Are you using any technology for it? Let’s discuss it together to have better clarity about its benefits in your institution. Contact us now and we will be glad to discuss it with you.  

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