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With the advancement in technology, the world is moving fastly. Today, everyone from a small kid to a professional individual wants things that are quick and easy but in this fast-paced life, people miss time management. In the context of educational institutions, timetable management is one of the most important things that need to be managed effectively. There are various scenarios in an institution in which time management is required, from daily lectures, subject-wise classes, to examinations, all of the tasks need a timetable. A little mismanagement in the timetable shifts a lot of important operations for granted along with impacting productivity and learning outcomes. 

A timetable management software associated with an ERP helps educational institutions to manage all the timetables most efficiently, so in today’s discussion, let’s find out how a timetable management software can help institutions in bringing effective management in the organization. 

What is a timetable management system and how is it useful for institutions?

A timetable management system is built on cloud technology to help educational institutions manage their timetables through automation. It helps faculty and staff to create a timetable within a very short time along with notifying students and responsible people about it. Using a very good and robust time management system like Academia, institutions can manage an efficient, effective, and systematic timetable creation process focusing on other productive tasks as well. 

Benefits of a timetable management system:

  • Effective time management 

Time management can be considered as one of the main advantages of technologies like ERP and SIS that are helping educational institutions. A timetable management system provides systematic management and makes everything easier along with saving time and efforts of faculty, students, and administrators. For creating timetables, faculty can simply need to add the data for the required time and the timetable management software will create it simply notifying the required person, like students or even the management. Time-savvy! right?

  • No or fewer errors 

In any institution, there is a bundle of tasks that are needed to be performed more systematically. Among various tasks like admission, examination, and a lot of other tasks faculty gets very little time to manage timetables for different roles which then includes various errors. These small errors then create various problems, clashes among faculty, staff, and even sometimes students. Rectifying these errors occupies a lot of time and effort. So what do you think can be a solution to this? A timetable management system provides a robust platform to create a timetable with ease, using this, institutions can generate different timetables for subjects, individuals, and events like examinations. It claims no or fewer errors along with making a systematic workflow in the organization. Amazing though! 

  • Data security 

Among all other important benefits of using a timetable management system, it seems one of the best benefits as it is concerned with data security, a good and robust timetable management software like Academia provides complete data security. Built on a cloud-based technology it provides complete protection to each data we feed in along with maintaining, managing, and serving seamless and on-time timetable management to faculty, student, and staff members.

  • Easy to use 

Faculty always remains in a rush to create timetables for any subjects, examinations, or any other timetable creation tasks due to various other operations in the institution. So by choosing a very good timetable management system, institutions can provide ease to faculty and students so that they can focus on other productive tasks. A timetable management system like Academia is easy & convenient to use having no programming and coding and can be used by any professional. Timetable creation can never be so easy, what say?

  • Avails customization 

Every educational institution owns different guidelines, rules, and regulations. So it sometimes becomes a difficult and lengthy process to opt for a technology changing the existing methods. To this, Academia timetable management software avails customizations that are meant to be simply customized according to the needs of institutional authority, staff, and even students. Customizations according to institutional needs lead to immense success and satisfying management! What do you think?

  • Flexibility in integration 

Most higher education institutions arrange and manage their timetable through calendars. So a timetable management system provides direct integration ensuring the automatic generation of special events, half days, exams, and more. Flexible integration promotes fewer or no errors, fewer clashes, and the least problems related to timetable management. Interesting, right?

  • Reduces paperwork 

You may have already known that tasks like timetable management include a lot of documentation and manual intervention of this includes a lot of paperwork. In this digital world, paperwork not only requires a lot of maintenance but is also harmful to nature. So automation of these tasks using timetable management not only helps in making everything systematic but also reduces paperwork. Sounds peaceful! 

Learn how Academia Timetable Management System works:

What’s next!

So what are the ways you are using to create timetables in your institution? Are they impactful to help faculty, students, and staff? What are your views on the timetable management system? Wanna know more about it? Let’s discuss it now, just request your demo and one of our expert teams will contact you to help you in the best way. Higher-Education-Institute-Faculty-Management-Case-Study


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