Top 5 Smart Resources for Institutions to Check While Choosing ERP/SIS

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With the modernization in the education sector, education institutions around the world are choosing software technology for their overall development. ERP is also the modern choice of institution. It can automate and streamline the academic, non-academic, and administrative operations of an institution. 

But do you know what are the main features that you need to look for while choosing an ERP/SIS? If not, these 5 smart resources can help you take a deep dive into the world of education ERP/SIS and win the competition.

  • Quick Reads

If you are thinking of buying an ERP/SIS for your institution, these 5 blogs can help you learn about an ERP and how it digitally transforms your institute. 

  1. Student Lifecycle Management: AI-driven Solutions
  2. Role of Predictive Analysis in the Education Industry 
  3. Student Information Systems: The Five Best Reasons to Invest
  4. Cloud ERP vs On-premise ERP Solutions: What is right for your education institute? 
  5. Global Education Institutions – Why is it high time to implement ERP?
  • Rapid Evidence

Smart are the people that take informed choices. If you are thinking about digital transformation, choose Academia ERP, a proven solution and the first choice of 320+ education institutes around the globe. Here are a few of the reviews that can help you understand why Academia ERP/SIS is the best choice for your institution.

  1. Reviews from prestigious institutions over G2
  2. Reviews from prestigious institutions over Gartner Peer Insights
  3. Success stories from clients 
  4. Case studies 
  • Awards & Accolades

Education institutions around the world opt for technologies that can bring complete digital transformation. Check these awards and accolades that make Academia a worthy platform for educational institutions. 

  1. Awards & Accolades
  2. Media Coverage 
  • More about Education ERP/SIS

These whitepapers and reports can help you a lot if you want to gain in-depth insights into the functionalities of an ERP/SIS.

Whitepapers & product sheets 

  • All About Security

Education institutions are easy targets for hackers. Here are a few resources which will help you understand the elements and standards that are required to achieve unbreakable security in an education ERP. 

  1. GDPR Security
  2. A Checklist To Safeguard Your Institution’s Data
  3. The Top 5 Priorities for Higher Education in Cybersecurity

Wrapping Up! 

An ERP/SIS helps education institutions not only to automate and streamline their operations but also to give higher ROI, operational efficiency, and ease of monitoring and management. Want to know more? Request your demo now!

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